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Moura Encantada • Site plan

por do sol

The lake at Santa Clara is located in the Alentejo, in the district of Beja, near to Ourique and Odemira. It is about 30km from the coast, 100km from Faro in the south and 230km from Lisbon. It was formed when a dam was placed in the Mira river, near the small village of Santa Clara-a-Velha.

Created to provide a source of irrigation, the lake has become one of the best-protected areas of water in Portugal, on account of its exceptional climatic conditions, water quality and natural beauty. All around the lake are to be found hills and valleys of extraordinary beauty, part of a typically rich, Mediterranean-type ecosystem. Here, among the pines, spruces and scented eucalyptus trees, are hidden walks and little-known tracks leading down to the water’s shore.

villa view


01. hotel main building
02. two people suite (adapted for disabled)
03. two people suites
04. four people suites
05. six people suites
06. music house
07. shelters
08. nautical spot
09. main house / owner house
10. permanent staff houses
11. honey extraction & olive oil extraction warehouse
12. agriculture warehouse
13. shelter logic and tractor
14. reading house
15. view point
16. photovoltaic panels
17. electric generator house
18. photovoltaic system batteries
19. irrigation filter 1
20. irrigation filter 2
21. irrigation water deposit
22. water deposits
23. main entrance
24. organic garden
25. apiary
26. car parking



The concept of Moura Encantada is all about providing opportunities for villa fractional ownership. Meanwhile, complementing the overall development is a comprehensive range of products and services designed to pamper guests on all levels: cultural, culinary, environmental and personal.

While the facilities are integral to the guest experience, they also add to the value of villa ownership. The hotel becomes an extension of your home – a place to entertain, a place to unwind, to learn, to teach, to experience. A place to truly be yourself.

Only 14 lodging units will be constructed specifically for fractional ownership and hotel management. All units have breathtaking views overlooking the broad waters of Santa Clara lake.

Owning a share in this prestigious family-friendly resort at a fraction of the price of a villa is now a reality.

The camp is zoned as a resort and the infrastructure constructed in line with the formal approved of the local authorities.


Calm, vitality, stimulation — you feel it all in rooms that offer the best of contemporary luxury inspired by Portuguese traditions. Enjoy superb lakeside views and a secluded space filled with the light and air of the outdoors.

Main building

Drink in unrestricted panoramic views of Santa Clara lake while dining on truly fine Portuguese cuisine at this beautiful location.

The pool

Moura Encantada will also be known for its enchanting swimming pool. Completely environment friendly, our natural swimming pool allows you to swim in pure, clear water with no chemicals while revelling in exceptional views.


Here you can browse our extensive, carefully collated collection of books, magazines, records, CDs and journals. We have been bringing together all kinds of artefacts in the past few years to allow you the opportunity to discover a fascinating world of Portuguese literature and culture.

The music house

This small villa, complete with its own Steinway piano, is open to anyone who wants to let the stunning surroundings express themselves through music, and maybe even compose a song…

The viewpoint

Here, on the top of the resort’s highest hill, is a small villa, with fireplace, to wander to alone or in company to read a book, meditate, talk quietly or simply open your arms and eyes to the sky and maybe the stars.

The villas

All our vlllas are designed with great care and individual attention in order to ensure that they are remain totally in tune with their surroundings and the wider environment. They are stylish without being shrines to interior design, they are beautiful at the same time as being comfortable and stimulating. They are designed for relaxation — for feeling at home.

Inside each villa are contemporary features fashioned from traditional Portuguese materials such as rammed earth, local stone, wood and water.

Here, you can choose how secluded or connected you want to be without even stepping out of your room. The villas offer both indoor and outdoor privacy that invites you to while away the day, cooled by the gentle breeze, making the most of the generous space and enjoying unhindered views to a great, beautiful outdoors.

Meanwhile, the likes of wi-fi connection, flat-screen TV and mood lighting are carefully complemented by furniture, fabrics and objects that beautifully reflect their Portuguese heritage. Each villa features a master bedroom, bathroom, lounge and dining areas. Family villas have an extra room and bathroom.

There will be 12 villas plus two poolside villas.

Total 14 villas.

b&w hill